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Jerzy Strzelecki Pictures from Voyages 

Licenses for the use of images

Thank you for your interest.  Please understand that Pictures from Voyages is a personal web site of travel photos.  It is not intended as a commercial source of images.  I am offering use licenses in this formal way only because of the number of requests I receive for image use.  I will try to meet your needs but please understand that I can not read my e-mail every day.

License fees

  • Personal use by students for school and college projects 
  • Please feel free to copy images from my web site for use in printed work without charge, but do not copy images onto another web page.  No need to ask, but  e-mail to me would be appreciated.

  • Personal web page, business web page or business print 
  • individual negotiatons

  • Reputable, non-profit organizations involved in environmental, conservation or human rights concerns - printed work or web page 
  • Please e-mail me with a request for a license to use images without charge.
Terms and conditions

You are licensing the right for one-time, world-wide, non-exclusive use of an image in printed work or on a web page.  Copyright of the image remains with me, Jerzy Strzelecki

The right to use the image remains with the purchaser of the license and can not be transferred, sub-licensed or re-sold to another party.

If you use an image on a web page, you must place a copyright notice on the same page (copyright Jerzy Strzelecki, set as a link to to deter unauthorized copying.

Jerzy Strzelecki will not be liable to the purchaser of the license or any other party for any damages, loss or other costs that are incurred directly or indirectly from images supplied, or failure to supply any image.

Supply of images

I will scan my original negative with an negative scanner  as 24 bit RGB, and retouch if necessary to remove marks. 

I will e-mail images to you in the following format:

  • File type:  High quality JPEG or TIFF
  • File size:  to 2 MB
  • File size uncompressed:  to 17 MB 
  • Resolution:  Your choice of 72 dpi or 300 dpi (pixels per inch)
For printing resolution to 4000 dpi on CD


Please e-mail me with your requirements and also supply: 

  • Your name and organization 
  • Your complete address 
  • Your phone and fax number 

I will e-mail an invoice with the image(s). 
Please pay by check  made payable to Jerzy Strzelecki

Jerzy Strzelecki 
ul.Plocka 19/3
93-134 Lodz 

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